Choosing the Best Makeup Brushes for Stage Production Makeup

1st December, 2023

best makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are essential tools for achieving flawless stage production makeup. But what are the right makeup brushes to use, especially for those looking to use eco friendly makeup brushes? In this article, you will find our top picks for the best makeup brushes, both for your unique purposes, as well as for stage production makeup. You will also learn about the distinction between high-class and low-class brushes, the key characteristics of a top-quality brush, and factoring in cost and cruelty-free options. 


Types of Makeup Brushes

There are many types of makeup brushes for you to know about; knowing which makeup brush is right for you is the first step in using it for your makeup purposes:

1. Class: Quality Matters

When it comes to choosing the best makeup brushes, quality makes a big difference. High-class brushes are crafted from the finest materials, offering exceptional longevity and delivering that flawless finish you desire. To experience the quality for yourself before buying, feel for soft bristles that will remain smooth and intact, whilst avoiding any fraying or ragged edges. A secure, metal ferrule is essential to prevent bristle shedding.

High-Class Brushes:

  • Facilitate effortless blending of shades and pigments.
  • Create a natural, even, and flawless look.
  • Exhibit remarkable durability.

Lower-Class Brushes:

  • Prove challenging to apply makeup, often resulting in uneven results.
  • Feature rough bristles that can irritate the skin.
  • Are prone to bristle shedding.

2. Characteristics Matter

Consider these essential characteristics when choosing the best makeup brushes:

  • Brush Head Shape: Select from Square, Dome, Tapered, Angled, Slant, or Tip shapes.
  • Brush Head Size: Choose between Fine (extra small), Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large sizes.
  • Bristle Material: Opt for either Synthetic Hairs or Natural Hairs, depending on your preferences and ethical considerations.
  • Bristle Texture: Decide between Fine, Soft, or Coarse textures.
  • Bristle Density: Choose from Firm, Stiff, or Dense bristles.
  • Handle Length: Pick Long, Short, or Mini (travel size) handles to suit your comfort.
  • Ferrule: Brushes can feature Aluminum, Brass, or other metal ferrules, affecting their durability and performance.

3. Cost: Quality vs. Price

It’s a common misconception that “expensive” equals the “best choice” when it comes to makeup brushes. However, the price tag doesn’t always reflect the quality you need. Don’t be swayed by cost alone; instead, focus on examining the brushes for the essential features we’ve discussed earlier.

Quality brushes come in various price ranges, and there are excellent options available to suit different budgets. When making your selection, consider the overall quality, materials, and performance rather than relying solely on the price tag. For instance, we are proud to offer a series of Bdellium brushes that will meet and go beyond your expectations.

4. Caring for Your Brushes

Proper care is essential to prolong the life of your brushes, regardless of the bristle type you choose. The better you care for them, the longer they’ll serve you. Here’s a simple guide to maintaining the best makeup brushes:

choosing the best makeup brushes

Caring for Synthetic Brushes:

  • Gently wash the bristles using mild liquid soap.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water until soap residue is gone.
  • Lay the brushes flat on a dry towel, ensuring the bristles face down.
  • Allow them to air-dry completely, which may take some extra time.
  • Remember never to submerge the brush handles in water, as this can cause damage over time and lead to shedding. 

For those who apply makeup daily, we recommend cleaning your brushes once a week. This routine maintenance helps maintain their performance and hygiene. Choose from our range of makeup brushes that meet this standard.


1. Cruelty-Free Options

With high-quality synthetic materials readily available, there’s no need to rely on brushes made from animal hair. Some makeup artists may experience sensitivity or allergies to animal hair bristles, potentially caused by the brushes themselves rather than the makeup.

Using our cruelty-free synthetic brushes not only aligns with ethical considerations but also provides a comfortable option for users with sensitivities. These Mehron paradise AQ brushes offer a comparable feel and performance to natural bristle brushes without any harm to animals.


2. Quality Over Quantity

Sometimes less is more when it comes to the quality of choosing the best makeup brushes. You do not need to build an army of twenty brushes in your makeup kit bag as this is unnecessary even if you want to achieve remarkable results with the right quality brushes. 

When you care for your brushes and clean them regularly, they will serve you well for an extended period. Prioritise quality over quantity to ensure your makeup application is consistently flawless.


3. Avoiding Brush Sets

On the market, you are bound to come across luxury brush sets that come available in a caring care. However, these can often be a false temptation since the brushes can wear out fast, and often pale in comparison to the quality of cruelty-free brushes. 

Instead, focus on picking your own makeup brushes individually that cater to your specific needs and makeup tasks. This approach ensures that each brush in your collection serves a purpose, and you’ll be delighted with the outcomes of the makeup application.


4. Considering Fiber Density

Fiber density plays a pivotal role in makeup application. The right density ensures you deposit the perfect amount of colour on your face. Dense brushes provide bold colour application, while less dense brushes yield a softer result.


5. Choosing the Right Bristle Type

The makeup brush’s bristles come in two primary types: synthetic and natural fibers. Natural fibers traditionally originate from animals, such as goats or squirrels, sparking debates on ethical sourcing. However, advancements in technology have revolutionised synthetic brushes, making them a compelling choice.

In today’s market, synthetic brushes offer several advantages. They are guaranteed to be cruelty-free, and closely mimic the feel and performance of natural fiber bristles, making them an excellent choice for makeup application.


6. Understanding Each Brush’s Purpose

Effective makeup application relies on using the right brush for specific tasks, as the wrong choice can impact your overall look. Familiarising yourself with each brush’s purpose is crucial for achieving desired results. Here are five essential brushes everyone should have in their makeup kit:

  • Complexion Powder Brush

A complexion powder brush excels at evenly dispersing powder across the face. The choice between pressed or loose powder dictates the specific type of brush you should use.

  • Foundation Brush

For liquid or cream foundation application, a foundation brush proves invaluable. We offer various Ben Nye professional brushes for foundation and contouring to choose from, so select one that suits your preferences. Flat foundation brushes work well with liquid or cream formulas, while dense brushes with synthetic bristles provide high coverage.


For further makeup tips about this brand, look into how to use ben nye powder.

  • Flat Eyeshadow Brush

To achieve an even and defined eyeshadow application, reach for a flat eyeshadow brush. Look for one with synthetic bristles that replicate natural hair’s qualities, such as these Ben Nye flat professional brushes, that facilitates precise patting and blending on the eyelid.

  • Eyeshadow Crease Brush

Eyeshadow crease brushes are indispensable for blending and applying eyeshadow to the eye’s crease. These brushes are typically shaped to fit the eye’s curve, ensuring seamless blending and a polished finish.

  • 5. Embrace Brushes with Domed Tips

When on the hunt for makeup brushes, prioritise those with a domed shape tip. This unique design feature offers distinct advantages in achieving your preferred makeup application. The curvature of the dome enables the bristles to roll smoothly and uniformly across your face.

This ergonomic shape will prioritise your control over makeup application, facilitating precision and helping you attain your desired look effortlessly. Whether you’re blending, contouring, or applying colour, brushes with domed tips prove invaluable in achieving a polished and flawless finish.

  • 6. Know When to Invest Wisely

Striking a balance between when to splash out your budget on makeup brushes and saving on your budget should be optimised regularly, so that you do not end up with more brushes than you need. Certain brushes warrant a more significant investment due to their extensive use across your face. Consider channelling your budget towards brushes designed for foundation and powder application. For example, explore the benefits of a sonic makeup brush for flawless face makeup.

We recommend allocating a bit more budget for brushes used in critical areas such as blush, eyeshadow, and lip application. These brushes play pivotal roles in defining your look and deserve the quality that comes with a higher price tag.

However, for those sticking to a friendly budget, our cruelty-free brushes can be used for highlighting and eyelining. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve excellent results with these types of brushes. By strategically investing in quality where it matters most with Treasure House of Makeup, you can curate a well-rounded brush collection without overspending. Many of these brushes can also be used when applying bruise kit makeup.



Choose Eco Friendly Makeup Brushes 

In conclusion, selecting the right makeup brushes is an art in itself. Quality, bristle type, and brush shape are essential factors to consider. By understanding the unique purposes of each brush and making informed choices, you can elevate your makeup game. Remember, quality brushes, proper care, and selecting brushes based on your specific needs are the keys to achieving that flawless stage-ready look. Furthermore, to make your makeup brushes last longer, you need to know how to wash makeup brushes properly.



How do I know what makeup brushes to use?

Learn about different brush types and their purposes, and choose brushes based on the makeup products you use and the effects you want to achieve.

What makeup brushes do I need as a beginner?

Start with essential brushes like a foundation brush or sponge, eyeshadow brush, blush brush, and a blending brush for a basic makeup kit.

What type of brush is best for makeup?

The "best" brush depends on your makeup preferences, but versatile and high-quality brushes made from synthetic or natural fibres are commonly recommended.

Which makeup brush is used for which purpose?

Specific brushes serve various purposes: foundation brushes for liquid products, eyeshadow brushes for eye makeup, blush brushes for cheeks, and blending brushes for blending and softening makeup.


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