15 Essential Items to Have in Makeup Kits for Beginners

10th September, 2023

makeup kits for beginners

The makeup industry is a vast space that offers a plethora of colours, textures, techniques, and much more for any lover of makeup, whether you are a professional makeup artist, enthusiast or amateur designer. It is easy to get lost in this world of endless product ranges. However, we have put together this essential article about the best makeup kits for beginners, to help guide your way about which makeup products you should have in your makeup kit as you prepare yourself for a world of makeup artistry.

By the end of this article, you should feel more confident and ready to face the world with your customised makeup kit essentials, based on the information we are about to provide.


What is a Makeup Kit?

A makeup kit is just like a treasure chest, and will be your go-to for all your makeup essentials, from eyeshadows to lipsticks, brushes to blenders. It’s not just about having a range of products; it’s about having the right products that work harmoniously to create diverse looks. For those new to makeup, this kit is your foundation, building your skills one product at a time.


15 Essential Items for a Beginner’s Makeup Kit

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1. Skin Prepping

The skin is the main canvas of the entire body. Regardless of whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, moisturising is non-negotiable. If you are constantly on the go, jumping between clients or do not want to mess around with endless skin prepping, then our Mehron skin prep pro product range is the one for you. 

For more information about skin prepping, check out this helpful guide on how to prep your skin for all day makeup


2. Face Primer

ben nye face primer for makeup kits for beginners

Think of face primer as the bridge between skincare and makeup. It not only smoothens the skin’s surface but also ensures that the makeup adheres better and lasts longer. Whether you’re battling redness, large pores, or dullness, there’s a primer formulated to address it. Here, we are proud to offer a range of products that will perfectly suit your face primer needs, including:

With these items at your disposal, you can prime you or your clients faces for makeup, in a manner that is both professional and sturdy, whilst also being made from cruelty free, vegan products. 


3. Liquid Foundation

liquid foundation for makeup kits for beginners

Another product that is essential for makeup kits, no matter your skill level, is liquid foundation. Foundation is the cornerstone of makeup. It evens out the skin tone, providing a uniform base. For those new to makeup, a medium coverage foundation offers versatility. It’s buildable, allowing you to achieve both a natural finish for the day and a more polished look for evening events. Remember, the key is to find a shade that seamlessly blends with your natural skin tone. Our best-selling liquid foundation chromawheel provides everything that you need to apply foundation to your skin seamlessly. 


4. Concealer 

ben nye concealer palettes for makeup kits for beginners

Everyone has those days when their skin decides to throw a tantrum. This is where our simple yet effective Ben Nye concealer palettes comes in. This concealer palette is the magic wand that you need to camouflage blemishes, dark circles, and any other imperfections that you or your clients may have. Additionally, you could pair these palettes with our concealer crayons to help apply concealer on the go, as well as our procolour airbrush sets that are effective for covering tattoos too. 

The trick is to find a formula that’s lightweight yet offers coverage, ensuring your skin looks naturally flawless.

Unsure about having a tattoo? Learn about how to apply and remove temporary tattoos


5. Setting Powder

Mehron setting powder for makeup kits for beginners

To ensure your foundation and concealer stay put, both in and out of your makeup kits, setting powder is a must. It mattifies the skin, preventing that dreaded mid-day shine. While loose powders offer an airbrushed finish, they can be tricky for beginners. Compact powders, on the other hand, are foolproof, ensuring you look fresh, not cakey.

For an easy experience for applying makeup, add Mehron ultrafine setting powder to your makeup kit, suitable for beginner and experienced makeup artists, as well as for any makeup need. Plus, once you are ready to finish your makeup routine, simply add Mehron Celebre HD mineral finishing powder to top off your makeup appliance in style. 


6. Blush

vivid blush palettes for makeup kits for beginners

Blush is the unsung hero that breathes life back into the face after foundation, and is therefore worth adding to your makeup kit for beginners. A dab on the edge of your cheeks, and you will instantly look more youthful and radiant.

Whether you prefer a soft peach or a rosy pink, the key is to blend well, ensuring a natural flush. Here, our vivid blush studio palette will provide everything you need for effective blush applying techniques, presentable in a range of colours that will suit any cheek size and colour. 


7. Contour

Contouring is the art of using shadows to define and sculpt the face. While it might seem advanced and daunting for beginners, with the right products, it can be a breeze. Fortunately, we have the right contour sticks for you that will go above and beyond what you may expect from these products.

With their creamy formula, these are perfect for beginners. They glide on and blend effortlessly, adding dimension to your face. Choose between the following products below to add to your makeup kit for beginners, and ensure that you stay ahead of the game.



8. Highlighter

ben nye eye highlights for makeup kits for beginners

Highlighter is the finishing touch that makes your skin glow. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle sheen or a blinding glow, there’s a highlighter out there for you. We highly recommend our Ben Nye shimmer compact powder & highlighter set here. All you have to do is mix a liquid or powder form variant with your foundation for an all-over luminosity.


9. Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadows are the playground of makeup and are the go-to for making your eyes glow in any and all scenarios. They allow you to experiment with colours and textures. For beginners, our Delilah Eyeshadow palette mixes together a range of mattes and shimmers in neutral tones which is ideal for your makeup needs.

It offers the flexibility to craft both subtle day looks and more dramatic evening ones. Suitable for all scenarios, eyeshadow palettes are perfect as an addition in your makeup kit for beginners.

To learn about eye makeup (as well as other makeup needs), look through our simple beauty makeup tips and tricks guide.


10. Eyeliner

eyeliner for makeup kits for beginners

Eyeliner helps to elevate your eye makeup, and can add additional effects, including definition and drama, which makes them ideal for all scenarios, whether it be stage production makeup, or professional or amateur makeup routines.

While mastering the perfect eyeliner wing will take practice, starting with Mehron E.Y.E. Kohl pencil eyeliners can make the journey easier. They’re forgiving, blendable, and perfect for creating both sharp lines and smudged, smoky looks.


11. Eyebrow Pencil

Another eye-related product that should be included in your makeup kit for beginners is the eyebrow pencil. Too often, both men and women can grow insecure about their eyebrows, and may fear that they are too thin, bushy, or even out of line. After all, eyebrows frame the face, and a well-defined brow can transform your look.

Here, we offer Ben Nye eyebrow pencils, with their precision tips, which allow you to fill in sparse areas, ensuring your brows look naturally full. Plus, they’re easy to use, making them a beginner’s best friend and more than suitable for all makeup kits for beginners.


12. Mascara

ben nye mascara for makeup kits for beginners

Mascara is the magic potion that makes your eyes pop, providing volume and length for all formulas. A few swipes can make your lashes look longer, fuller, and darker.

Whether you’re going for a natural look or a dramatic flutter, we offer Ben Nye mascara that will tie your eye makeup together, whilst also being sustainable for the environment, made using cruelty free, vegan materials.


13. Lipstick

The lips are another area of the face that will undoubtedly get a lot of attention. In your makeup routines and kits, you want to ensure that you have the right lipsticks at your disposal for any situation, and ensure that your clients can be at their smiliest. We are proud to offer the Ben Nye lip makeup range, that provides everything that you need for all lip makeup situations. From nudes to reds, mattes to glosses, the choices are endless. 


14. Setting Spray

After all the effort that you have put into collecting these products for your makeup kits for beginners, you want to also ensure that your makeup lasts on all faces. Setting sprays are the protective shield that locks in your look, ensuring it stays fresh and vibrant throughout the day, and using Mehron barrier spray is the perfect product to maintain this protective shield, and is extremely easy to use.


15. Makeup Tools

Lastly, and perhaps the most important option on this list of products for makeup kits for beginners, is makeup tools. After all, the right tools can elevate your makeup application. By this point, you should have made a checklist of tools that you will need in your makeup kit, but if not, then here is a quick recap of makeup tools for your makeup kit:


  • Liquid Foundation.
  • Concealers.
  • Highlighters.
  • Eyeshadow brushes.
  • Eyeliner.
  • Eyebrow pencils
  • Lipsticks. 
  • Setting spray. 


Additionally, you should also invest in a good quality beauty makeup sponge as well as reliable mascara. These tools ensure that your makeup is blended seamlessly, giving you a professional finish every time.



Reliable Makeup Kits for Beginners

Now that you have collected the items for your makeup kits for beginners, you should be ahead of the game and, before you know it, you will no longer be classed as a “beginner,” but as a professional makeup artist. This may take time, but by following our makeup tips, you will be well on your way towards providing your clients with long-lasting, sustainable makeup that will go beyond their expectations.

To make sure that your makeup products remain safe and secure, pair them with our classic makeup bags, to keep your products clearly visible and easy to access.

We are also a main distributor of Ben Nye makeup in the UK. If you are unfamiliar with this revolutionary brand that has shaped Hollywood makeup for decades, then you can find out more in our Ben Nye makeup guide.



How do I choose the right foundation shade for my skin tone?

When choosing a foundation shade, it's important to match it to your skin tone. Start by determining your undertone (warm, cool, or neutral) and then test shades by switching them on your jawline or wrist. Choose the shade that disappears into your skin without leaving an obvious line.

Should I invest in expensive makeup brushes?

Expensive brushes can offer superior quality and durability, but as a beginner, it's not necessary to invest in high-end brushes right away. There are many affordable brush sets available that offer decent quality for beginners. You can upgrade your brushes gradually as you become more experienced.



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