How to Apply Vampire Makeup and Teeth

1st July, 2023

apply vampire makeup and teeth

Step into the world of darkness and mystery as we explore vampire aesthetics. Whether you’re attending a Halloween party, embracing your favourite vampire character such as Dracula or Edward from Twilight, or simply looking to add an alluring touch to your makeup repertoire, mastering the art of vampire makeup and perfecting those fangs can truly transform you into a captivating creature of the night. In this article, we will show you how to apply vampire makeup and teeth to achieve a mesmerising vampiric look.

Do It Yourself Vampire Makeup

So, let’s get right into it. Follow the advice in this step-by-step guide to maximise your vampire makeup to its fullest potential.

1.     Gather Vampire Makeup Supplies

To get started on how to apply vampire makeup, ensure you have the necessary supplies: fake blood splatter and fake fangs, which can also be purchased from most makeup and costume shops, as well as our exclusive vampire kit.

  • Alternatively, create your own vampire fangs using DIY methods like using fake nails, a straw, acrylic gel, or a plastic fork if you’re feeling particularly crafty.
  • Check if store-bought fangs include an adhesive like teeth glue or a custom mould that fits over your teeth to keep the fangs securely in your mouth.
  • For a truly DIY experience, make your own fake blood using basic household items.
  • Don’t let braces stop you from rocking vampire fangs! If you have braces, use orthodontic wax or denture glue to customise your fangs for a secure fit.

2.     Add foundation for a paler skin

how to apply vampire makeup foundation

Achieving the perfect vampire complexion requires a pale and ethereal look for your skin. To add foundation when learning how to apply vampire makeup, consider the following:

  • Choose a foundation or pale face paint/body paint that is one to two shades lighter than your regular foundation to create the desired effect.
  • Wash and dry your face to establish a clean palette. Use a makeup sponge or clean fingers to dab and apply the foundation with.
  • Add the right hue of foundation based on your skin tone; individuals with naturally pale skin may require minimal foundation, while those with darker skin tones may need to use a significantly lighter shade to achieve the desired pale appearance.
  • We highly recommend our contemporary theatre bisque crème foundation for this process.

3.     Detailed or Simple Makeup?

Customise your vampire makeup according to your desired look, taking into consideration the amount of makeup that you will apply to your eyes and mouth.

For a glamorous vampire aesthetic, go for dramatic eye makeup and bold lipstick to complement your overall look. However, if you’re short on time and aiming for a scarier vampire vibe, opt for minimal and simple makeup.

Don’t forget to align your vampire makeup with your chosen costume and hairstyle. If you’re donning a dramatic outfit with a dark wig, a glamorous vampire look might be the way to go. Conversely, if your attire is more understated, keeping your makeup minimal can help to harmonise the overall effect.

If you’re planning on creating dramatic eye makeup, ensure you have the necessary tools on hand, including makeup brushes, sponges, and a versatile makeup palette featuring shades like black, red, purple, and grey.

4.     Press powder to set the foundation.

The new step on learning how to apply vampire makeup is by setting the foundation.

You can keep the foundation or the face paint in place on your face by applying a press powder, preferably, with the palest shade you can find. After this, brush the powder to help spread it across your face, or use a makeup sponge.

5.     Apply eyebrow liner and eye shadow

apply eyeshadow makeup

Enhance the drama of your eyebrows using a black brow liner or black eyeshadow. Use a makeup brush to apply the product, accentuating your eyebrows. This step will elevate the impact of your eyeshadow and eyeliner, giving you a bolder overall look.

Next, embrace the eerie allure by using purple eyeshadow to create striking eye circles beneath your eyes.

Apply purple eyeshadow on your eyelids, below your eyebrows, and under your eyes using a makeup brush. Don’t shy away from making the circles prominent; after all, they are an integral part of the undead aesthetic!

Alternatively, evoke a blood-like appearance by opting for red eyeshadow. Start by applying black powder eye shadow to your eyelids, intensifying the shade towards the inner corners. Then, apply red eyeshadow just above the black, ensuring it extends to the area right beneath your eyebrows.

Blend the red and black eyeshadows slightly for a seamless transition.

Complete the haunting eye look by adding red eyeshadow underneath your eyes, adding a spooky and lifeless touch to your gaze.

6.     Add black eyeliner and the mascara

Complete your mesmerising eye makeup by gliding black eyeliner along your waterline, the area beneath your eyes, and gently smudging it with a makeup brush. Add black eyeliner along the upper lash line, expertly smudging it as well, resulting in a smoky and seamlessly blended effect against your eyeshadow.

To achieve a glamorous vampire aesthetic, consider adding wings to your eyeliner. Using a thin makeup brush, draw the eyeliner outward in a wing shape on both sides of your eyes. Enhance the intensity by deepening the wing shape with additional eyeliner, and softly blend it using black eyeshadow.

Elevate your gaze by applying black mascara to your lashes, adding a bold and dark allure to your eyes. For those with experience, the option of applying false black eyelashes can be considered for an exceptionally dramatic vampire look.

7.     Add lip makeup

apply vampire lip makeup

With your captivating eye makeup complete, it’s time to focus on your lips. To achieve a striking effect, adorn your lips with a luscious blood-red hue using either red lipstick or red lip colour.

Prior to applying the red vampire lipstick, employ a lip brush to define the contours of your lips, ensuring longevity and precision. Then, coat your lips evenly with the red lipstick, ensuring thorough coverage on both the upper and lower lips.

Alternatively, you can utilise a lip brush to apply red lip colour. Begin by outlining your lips with lip liner, and then, using a makeup brush, elegantly fill in the rest of your lips with the red lip colour.

8.     Use an extra effect with contact lenses

apply vampire eye contact lenses

Enhance your vampire transformation with contact lenses. While not essential when learning how to apply vampire makeup and achieving the right look, they can heighten the eerie and lifeless aesthetic you desire.

Traditionally, vampires are portrayed with a captivating range of eye colours, ranging from gentle, dark grey to intense blood red (especially when their hunger intensifies). If desired, you can use contact lenses that alter the colour of your iris to emulate these hues or any other shades in between.

Ensure proper hygiene and insert the contact lenses using clean fingers. Avoid smudging your carefully crafted eye makeup during the process.

9.     Stay sharp with fake vampire teeth and blood

Now that you know how to apply vampire makeup, you can finish off your transformation by applying vampire teeth and fake blood. Using an adhesive will help the vampire teeth to remain attached to your mouth for longer.

When using the fake blood makeup, hold the open tube near one corner of your mouth. Allow the blood to slowly drip out of the tube, as it slowly drizzles down your chin, which will create a realistic rolling effect.

Repeat the process on the opposite side of your mouth to create the illusion of two long blood drips. This strategically placed blood will enhance the credibility of your vampire persona, leaving a haunting and fearsome impression.

Struggling for vampiric inspiration? Check out the most unique vampires in film and television[i].

How to Create Your Own Vampire Teeth

how to apply vampire makeup

If you would prefer to make your own vampire teeth, here is a great guide on what to do:

1.     Gather materials.

For this, you will need:

  • Thermoplastic set at a low temperature. This will act as a ‘friendly plastic’ that contains ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene[ii], UHMWPE). Is available to find in craft stores too.
  • Denture adhesive.
  • Glass container.
  • Hot (near boiling point) water.

2.     Melt the plastic.

Melt the plastic to a temperature of 65°C /150°F.

Put the hot water into the solvent and wait for it to soften. The plastic will turn transparent when it has melted.

3.     Make the fang shape.

Take a piece of plastic and begin molding it into a basic fang shape. Don’t be overly concerned with precision at this stage. The shape can be refined once it is in position.

4.     Fit teeth to your canines

Add the plastic blob to one of your canine teeth and shape it so that it will blend in with your other dentures.

Of course, if it is not to your liking, you can simply re-melt it again and try again.

5.     Final features

Remove the fang from your tooth and allow it to cool down. This will allow the tooth to turn opaque and will adjust to room temperature.

The plastic fang will fit perfectly in your mouth. Use a little denture adhesive to keep the tooth in place.

If you would prefer not to make your own vampire teeth, you can use tooth paint to create the illusion of fangs by painting diagonally on your teeth.

scary dracula costume for vampire makeup

Stay Sharp at the Party with Vampire Teeth

In conclusion, learning how to apply vampire makeup and teeth can be an exciting and creative process. Whether you choose to purchase fake fangs or craft your own using materials like low-temperature thermoplastic, the key is to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Utilising denture adhesive or other suitable adhesives will help keep the fangs in place. Additionally, considering the overall vampire aesthetic, such as the use of pale makeup, dramatic eye makeup, and fake blood, can further enhance the impact of your look.

Don’t forget to don a dark red cape and black tuxedo for the full authentic look.

With a touch of creativity and attention to detail, you’ll be ready to sink your teeth into the role of a convincing vampire now that you have learnt how to apply vampire makeup and teeth.

Make sure to incorporate these best makeup kits for beginners, if you have just begun your makeup journey, either as an amateur or professional.


How do I prepare my skin for applying vampire makeup?

Before applying vampire makeup, cleanse your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser. Then, moisturize your skin to create a smooth base for the makeup. If you have sensitive skin, consider using a primer to protect your skin and help the makeup last longer.

What type of foundation should I use for vampire makeup?

For a vampire look, choose a foundation that is a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone. This will help create a pale and undead appearance. You can also mix a white face paint or powder with your regular foundation to achieve the desired effect.

How can I make my eyes look more vampiric?

To enhance your eyes for a vampire look, apply dark, smoky eyeshadow shades such as black, deep purple, or burgundy. Use eyeliner to create a dramatic winged effect, and don't forget to add a few coats of mascara or apply false lashes to make your eyes stand out.

What kind of lipstick should I use for vampire makeup?

Choose a deep, blood-red lipstick shade to achieve a classic vampire look. Matte or satin finishes work well for this purpose. Apply the lipstick precisely and consider using a lip liner to define your lips and prevent smudging.

How do I create vampire fangs?

Vampire fangs can be created using special prosthetic fangs available in costume or makeup stores. They are usually made of dental acrylic and can be customized to fit your teeth. Follow the instructions provided with the fangs to mold them properly and secure them onto your teeth. Alternatively, you can use temporary fangs that come with adhesive putty or opt for non-toxic, temporary fangs that are worn over the teeth.

How can I make my vampire teeth look more realistic?

To make your vampire teeth look more realistic, consider using tooth enamel or temporary tooth paint in a yellow or brown shade to create an aged or decayed effect. Apply the color to the teeth before attaching the fangs, following the product instructions carefully.

How do I remove vampire makeup and fangs?

To remove vampire makeup, use a gentle makeup remover or cleanser to wipe away the products from your face. If you used prosthetic fangs, carefully detach them from your teeth by following the removal instructions provided. Be cautious and gentle to avoid any damage to your teeth.



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