Our fake blood makeup range is a concoction of gory, realistic makeup effects that are the go-to for those brave enough to create authenticity and horror. From fake blood wounds to chilling vampire scenes, our fake blood makeup selection has you covered. Purchase your fake blood capsules today to truly shock everyone.

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Fake Blood Capsules to Make the Blood Boil

Create the ultimate thrill and suspense of any good horror flick by investing in our glorified range of fake blood makeup products. No matter the purpose, there is plenty to choose from within these makeup blood products. Created by our dedicated and creative team, as well as distributed by the most popular makeup companies in the industry (Ben Nye, Mehron, etc), true fans of horror will really appreciate these fake blood capsules. 

Fake blood products that we stock that even Count Dracula would adore include:

Fake Blood packs
Gel wound kits
Ben Nye fresh scabs
Simulated blood powder
Fake Blood splatters
Thick Fake blood

Stage Blood Makeup

For more controlled and precise fake blood effects, our fake blood capsules are an excellent choice. These small capsules contain safe and washable ingredients that create a burst of realistic blood when bitten or crushed. Fake blood capsules are perfect for creating the illusion of blood-filled mouths, bleeding wounds, or vampire bites. They are a staple in the theatrical and film industry, and can be used to add a touch of realism to any scenario.

Furthermore, our stage blood is formulated for theatrical performances too, providing long-lasting and vibrant effects that can withstand stage lighting and intense movements. Our stage blood is non-toxic, easy to apply and remove, and delivers a realistic appearance on stage or screen. So do not hesitate to order a set of fake blood makeup today for UK dispatch delivery.