Face & Body Painting

Explore our exclusive assortment of Mehron face paint products, and body paint as well as glitter and liquid adhesive, colour palettes, and much more, all that are suitable for special makeup purposes! Discover highly pigmented soft cream makeup, perfect for unleashing your artistic prowess and creating mesmerising designs. This range also features the bestselling Mehron Paradise AQ cake kit for all your makeup needs, formulated with cruelty free, vegan properties that are suitable for all skin tones.

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Mehron Body Paint

Elevate your body artistry techniques with our diverse professional grade Mehron body paints. Mehron body paint is the essential item that you need in your makeup kit in order to create bold and vibrant hues. For intricate designs, we have everything you need to bring your imagination to life.

Body Paint

For mesmerising face transformations, explore our body paint by Mehron selection, featuring a kaleidoscope of shades to suit any character or mood. We recommend some of the following products:

Mehron Clown White: Perfect for creating a pale complexion as a primary skin tone. 
Mehron Facepainting Practice Head: Put your makeup skills into practice before applying them to a face with this practice head. 
Mehron Liquid Makeup and Body Paint: Suitable for all types of applications, smudge-free, and lasts longer than traditional makeup. 
Mehron Edge Face and Body Paint: This set provides the extreme payoff, coverage, luxurious feel, and unique characteristics that only Mehron makeup could offer.
Mehron Paradise AQ: A bestseller makeup cake that combines colours that blend, contours, highlighting and shadowing.  

Embrace the transformative powder and explore the limitless potential of Mehron face and body paint! Hurry to place your Mehron body paint order today for delivery in the UK.