Alopecia this is the name given to the condition of hair loss which can affect anyone, at any age, at any time, even those who are otherwise healthy can be affected. Alopecia Areata Probably the most common form, which usually starts as small areas of hair loss can often go unnoticed for a considerable period of time. Unfortunately, the problem can worsen and, in the most severe of cases, the whole scalp can be affected. The cause of this type of hair loss is believed to be an auto-immune disorder which attacks hair follicles. If the condition is detected at an early stage, its effect can very often be minimised.



There are several forms of alopecia or hair loss which Freestyle Hair Company can assist with,If treatment isn't an option for you then we can assist by helping you explore other avenues we can show you different hair addition procedures available in today’s market place such as Hair volumiser/intergration procedures partial or full head systems. Today’s hair restoration pieces are incredible, they are so natural looking ,undetectable and are available in either real or synthetic hair from stock or as ready-to-wear systems, alternatively they can be tails at our Stockport Studios, don’t forget now matter where you are we have an agent near by.

For in-depth information on hair loss conditions and the wide range of treatments available, go to our hair advice site. We endeavor to ensure we source the very best and most innovative hairpieces/wigs for each and every one of our clients; it is our aim to help you lead a happy, active life. With this in mind we are proud to introduce the revolutionary S.A.S. systems (self adhering suction systems) Made in either 100% real hair or in our latest HRF (Heat Resistant Fibre) due to the very latest technology these units will not accidentally dislodge, these products are the ideal solution for anyone who suffers with long terms hair loss or made (bespoke) to meet each wearers individual requirements. If you should need further advice, why not get in touch now. Or make an appointment to see us at a convenient time to suit you.


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