Mermaid collection

We are happy to introduce you to our best-selling mermaid glitter range, available in many colours, shades and designs. These glitter products are designed to complement all environments that they are worn in, as well as the wearer. Make yourself feel like an actual mermaid with these glitter chunks, with a lightweight construct and comfortable feel. Shop now.

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Mermaid Glitter Chunks

Get ready to dive our selection of mermaid glitter chunks. Bring enchanting beauty to any situation that you find yourself in, and you will inspire all those that see you wearing these mermaid glitter chunks.

Many treasures are abound with our mermaid glitter, including the following:

Mermaid ARIEL
Mermaid LAGUNA
Mermaid OCEANA

And much more.

Embrace the ethereal allure of the Mermaid collection, a treasure trove of iridescent and aquatic-inspired glitters that can completely transform your appearance. From sparkling seafoam greens to captivating deep blues, these glitters mimic the shimmering scales of mermaids, creating an otherworldly presence.

Mermaid chunks are expertly designed to deliver eye-catching gazes from anyone that lays eyes on you, and will capture the essence of mythical mermaids. The chunky texture blends seamlessly onto your eyelids, offering buildable coverage that ranges from soft glimmers to intense and dazzling effects. 

In certain scenarios, you may need makeup materials that are long lasting, and Mermaid chunks are the right professional grade makeup option for the job. Crafted with a long-wearing and cruelty free adhesive formula, these glitters stay put, ensuring a dazzling appearance that can even withstand heat and lighting.

Choose from our selection of Mermaid chunks today that can suit you and your client's needs for any purpose. You will not regret investing in these professional grade makeup products that are long-lasting and are easy to apply as well as remove. Order today for quick UK dispatch delivery within 2 working days.