SFX - Special Effects

Our Ben Nye SFX makeup range has everything you need to create an awe-inspiring spectacle. Step into the world of professional special effects makeup with Ben Nye's exceptional range of SFX products. From creating realistic wounds and injuries to get actors into character, these SFX offerings will unlock endless creativity.

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Ben Nye SFX Kit

Ben Nye SFX kits are renowned for their high-quality, professional-grade formulations that ensure impressive and realistic results. Whether you're a seasoned special effects artist or a passionate enthusiast, these products are designed to meet the demands of the most creative and challenging makeup applications. Choose from some of the highest quality, affordable Ben Nye SFX Kits here, including:

Ben Nye Gel Wound Kits - Apply these easy-to-use materials to create effective wounds that will remain in the eyes of everyone that sees it. 
Ben Nye Alcohol Activated FX Palette-Bruise: Bring the action to life with realistic consequences without raising fists with these transparent layered textures and tones. 
Ben Nye Blood Capsules - 10 Pack: Sink your teeth into the essential bloodthirsty vampire pallet. Suitable for Halloween purposes, as well as any way that you deem fit. 

Ben Nye SFX Essentials 

Explore the diverse selection of Ben Nye SFX essentials that cater to every special effects need. The brand offers a wide range of SFX makeup, including prosthetics, creams, gels, and powders, allowing you to build lifelike characters and stunning visual effects. From bruise wheels to blood gels, these products are essential tools for creating spine-chilling and awe-inspiring looks.

For those seeking to create truly immersive and captivating looks, Ben Nye SFX Makeup is an indispensable addition to your makeup kit. Choose from their range in our selection today and order now for UK dispatch delivery.