Dominic Paul

With over eleven years of experience within the makeup industry, Dominic Paul has become a celebratory icon for makeup artistry. This brand takes pride in crafting a stunning collection of high quality, innovative cosmetic products. With his expertise, Dominic Paul makeup products guarantee personally formulated makeup that sets new standards.

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Makeup Products by Dominic Paul

We offer a wide variety of Dominic Paul makeup products that are key to a consistent and powerful makeup routine for makeup artists. From pencils to pomade and lip glaze, Dominic Paul truly captures the variety of makeup products that you need for effective and professional grade makeup techniques.

Makeup Pencils by Dominic Paul

One of the standout offerings from our Dominic Paul makeup product range is their exquisite line of makeup pencils. Meticulously crafted to precision, these pencils glide effortlessly across the skin, allowing for flawless application and creating stunning eye looks. Whether you're aiming for a subtle, everyday enhancement or a dramatic, smouldering gaze, these pencils cater to every makeup enthusiast's needs. From Chiang Rai, to Pattaya, and Phi Phi Island, these makeup pencils are only used by the best of the best, so make sure not to exclude yourself from having these makeup pencils in your makeup bag. 

Pomade Products by Dominic Paul

For those seeking perfectly sculpted eyebrows, Dominic Paul's pomade is a game-changer. The pomade formula is designed to provide long-lasting wear while maintaining a natural appearance. The pomade's lightweight texture ensures that your brows stay put throughout the day, no matter the elements you face. The following pomades that we offer by Dominic Paul include: Kamala, Night Market, Patong, and many more. 

Dominic Paul makeup products epitomise the right level of sophistication and creativity in the cosmetics industry to help you stay ahead of the competition. By equipping these makeup products into your makeup kit, you will be ready for any makeup situation. Order today for dispatch delivery within two working days in the UK.