Glitter CHUNKS

We are happy to provide cosmetic glitter chunks, available in different varieties, including mermaid and metallic collections. Embrace the sparkle of glitter chunks to your makeup looks with these dazzling treasures. Order online today with us so that we can dispatch your delivery within 2 working days.

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Glittery Chunks

Let the sparkle take centre stage on your face with these glittery chunks, designed to work in different environments and temperatures to complement the light and therefore bring true dazzling effects! We have glitter chunks available in numerous styles, designs, and colours, to cater for every occasion. 

Explore the Mermaid LAGUNA glitter chunks, a treasure trove of iridescent and aquatic-inspired glitters that transport you to the depths of the ocean. This product has been inspired by the design of mermaids, so if you are interested in bringing something different and dazzling to your makeup routines, then this is the product for you. From colourful seafoam greens to captivating deep blues, these glitters mimic the shimmering allure of mermaid scales, making your eyes and face the focal point of any look.

If this shade is not your preference, why not try the Metallic LEOPOLD LEMONGOLD glitter chunks instead? This is where true opulence meets sophistication with a range of metallic glitters that elevate your makeup to new heights. Embrace the allure of rich golds, sultry silvers, and dazzling coppers, perfect for adding a bold and glamorous touch to your event makeup.

We offer numerous shades and colours from our metallic and mermaid glitter chunk ranges, and each are guaranteed to delicately accentuate your cheekbones, temples, and collarbones. By ordering today, we will dispatch your items within 2 working days for delivery within the UK.