Wax, Flesh & Putty

From Mehron’s Synwax, Extra Flesh, Modelling Putty, and much more, we offer an extensive range of cruelty free scarring wax from the biggest brands in the makeup industry. Achieve realistic skin imitations with these high-quality scar wax products and special effects putty.

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Scar Wax Makeup

Your search is over, for we offer an extensive collection of scar wax from the biggest brands within the industry. You will not find prices and quality products anywhere else other than here, and you cannot go wrong with the authentic and realistic skin simulations available from our range. 

Some of the products that you will find within our selection are:

Mehron’s Synwax.
Extra Flesh.
Modelling Putty.
Gel Wound Kits.
Ben Nye Liquid Latex.

These versatile mediums allow you to sculpt and mould them according to your vision, providing endless possibilities for creativity.

Special Effects Makeup Putty, Bone Wax, and More

Looking to create bone-like textures or skeletal effects? Our range includes specialised bone waxes that perfectly imitate the appearance of bones. With our simulated bone wax, you can achieve remarkable effects for haunted houses, stage performances, film productions, Halloween events and other purposes. These waxes have been designed to provide a convincing and realistic texture, making your special effects truly stand out. These products are formulated to be easy to work with, ensuring smooth application and long-lasting results. You'll have the tools at your disposal to craft breathtaking effects that leave a lasting impression. Elevate your special effects makeup artistry today and make your creations come to life!