Special FX

Mehron is one of the leading brands in special effects makeup. Their products are used by professionals all over the world to create realistic and stunning special effects looks. From liquid latex, to blood gels and colour cups, Mehron Fantasy FX Makeup is the go-to product range for all makeup enthusiasts!

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Mehron FX Makeup

We are proud to offer a wide range of Mehron FX makeup products that are perfect for meeting your every makeup need. For example, we offer:

Mehron AdGem Liquid Adhesive: This is a versatile, vegan, latex-free adhesive that is perfect for applying to all types of face and body.
Mehron 3D Gel: Useful for creating realistic skin and prosthetic looks for all your Mehron FX purposes. 
Mehron Blood Splatter: Create the perfect horror scene using blood splatter, which can dry, darken, crust up, and crack just like real blood!
Mehron Colorset Powder: Translucent Setting Powder: Used to set, mattify shine and remove tackiness. Incredibly useful for cheap or expensive purposes. 

Mehron Special FX 

Whether you are creating a realistic wound or a fantastical creature, Mehron Special FX makeup products have everything you need to make your vision a reality. With their high-quality makeup and wide variety of products, Mehron is the go-to brand for special effects makeup artists.

To enhance your makeup needs, and increase your value for money, Mehron FX properties include: 

Mehron Special FX makeup is made with high-quality ingredients that are safe for all skin types.
Easily accessible.
Mehron is the go-to brand for all makeup practices.

Stuck to a budget? No problem! All Mehron Special FX makeup is available at an affordable price, perfect to suit any budget.