Perfect for the stage, screen, and other purposes, our range of Mehron fake blood is perfect for creating realistic and captivating special effects. Mehron fake blood works just like real blood, that oozes, dries, and cracks, and if you are looking for a true gorefest, you have come to the right place. 

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Fake Blood by Mehron

Mehron is renowned for their high-quality fake blood formulations, and products showcase a variety of options to suit your specific needs. Fake blood distributed by Mehron is a classic choice for creating a realistic and dripping effect. This non-toxic formula is safe to use on the skin and delivers a vibrant red colour that resembles fresh blood. Whether you're working on a horror movie set, hosting a haunted house event, or dressing up for Halloween, fake blood by Mehron is an essential tool for achieving authentic blood effects.

For a coagulated blood effect that simulates clotting and drying, Mehron coagulated blood is the ideal choice. This thick and sticky formula is perfect for creating realistic wounds and scabs. Its textured consistency adds depth and dimension to your special effects, making it a popular choice for all makeup artists.

Mehron Coagulated, Squirt, and Stage Blood

If you're looking for a blood effect that can be squirted or sprayed, Mehron squirt blood is the product for you. This versatile formula comes in a convenient bottle with a nozzle for easy application. Whether you want to create splatter effects or simulate arterial bleeding, Mehron squirt blood allows for precise control and is perfect for adding a touch of gore to your special effects makeup.

The professional-grade formula of all Mehron fake blood products is favoured by makeup artists and theatrical performers. This viscous blood creates a realistic effect on stage and screen, making it a staple in the entertainment industry. Order now for dispatch delivery in the UK within 2 working days.