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Explore our collection of special FX makeup products and SFX makeup kits to unleash your imagination and bring your wildest makeup creations to life. From realistic wounds to otherworldly transformations, we have everything you need for stunning special effects makeup. Check out our exquisite range and order today to truly encapsulate your power and creativity.

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Special Effects Makeup

The world of special effects makeup awaits! We are proud to offer a wide range of special effects makeup products and SFX makeup kits to cater to all your creative needs. Whether you're a professional makeup artist or an enthusiast looking to experiment with special effects, our collection has everything you need to bring your imagination to life.

Special FX makeup allows you to transform ordinary appearances into extraordinary works of art. Our realistic SFX range includes:

Character makeup kits.
FX palettes.
Basic Moulage Training Kits.
Colour wheels.

Each of these specialised products (as well as much more in our collection) are designed to help you create realistic wounds, scars, bruises, burns, and other captivating effects. With our special effects makeup, you can immerse yourself in the world of fantasy, horror, or science fiction, and bring characters to life with incredible detail.

Special FX Makeup

These carefully curated special FX makeup kits include a selection of essential products and tools. Whether you're interested in creating wounds, zombie effects, or other fantastical transformations, our special FX makeup kits are the perfect starting point.

We source from reputable brands known for their expertise in the industry, ensuring that our customers have access to professional-grade products that deliver exceptional results. Be sure to order online now to create and simulate realistic injury details and more using cruelty free and vegan SFX makeup.