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From putty wax, to scar wax and more, you can find all your Mehron modelling putty wax needs here. But why choose Mehron? Mehron is synonymous with excellence in the makeup and special effects industry, and our collection showcases a variety of innovative waxes to help you bring your creative visions to life.

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Mehron Scar and Synthetic Wax

One of our featured products is Mehron scar wax, as well as synthetic wax too. These are versatile tools for sculpting and moulding lifelike effects. The professional-grade wax properties allows you to create three-dimensional textures, such as wounds, scars, or prosthetics. With Mehron modelling wax, you have the freedom to shape and blend it seamlessly into your desired design, delivering astonishingly realistic results.

For quick and convenient applications, Mehron putty wax is a go-to choice. This malleable wax offers a smooth and pliable texture, making it effortless to mould and shape. Mehron putty wax is perfect for creating realistic skin texture, filling in scars, or building up facial features. Its flexibility and blendability make it a favourite among makeup artists and enthusiasts alike.

Our collection also includes Mehron Scar Wax, a specialised product designed specifically for creating lifelike scars and wounds. This pliable wax allows you to sculpt and contour scars, giving them a realistic and textured appearance. You can use Mehron scar wax for some of the following purposes:  

Theatrical performances.
Film productions.
Costume events.

Shop now and elevate your special effects makeup artistry to new heights with Mehron modelling putty wax. Hurry whilst stocks last.