Creme Rouge Wheel Brights

The Brights Creme Rouge Wheel is a wonderful selection of six blushes that cater to deep skin tones. These vibrant shades feature five of our newly redesigned matte HD creme blushes that have been made with diversity in mind. They can also be utilized in a fashion or editorial environment to achieve a super saturated blush that can stand up to. This is the perfect resource for any bridal, broadcast, film, or editorial makeup artist.
Advanced cream blush formula Works beautifully under HD cameras Each wheel contains 6 stunning cheek colours Designed to look ultra natural & become part of the skin In a natural harmony or brighter, intense shades Handy space saving wheel Super blendable & highly pigmented Ben Nye Creme Rouge Wheels contain six stunning cheek colours in a smooth, blendable cream formula that intrinsically colours the skin to result in a natural flush of colour. Intense pigment means that you only need to use a little which helps to keep it looking very natural. It blends superbly on the skin and the colours have been carefully thought through to offer either a soft, natural flush of colour from the Natural Glow Wheel, or a more intense, pop of colour with the Brights Wheel which has some great strong shades ideal for deeper complexions.
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