What is monofilament?

Monofilament is a fine mesh type material that is used for most types of wigs/hairpieces. This material which allows the head to breath gives the appearance of natural looking hair growth from the scalp.


What is the difference between synthetic and human hair?

The difference between Human Hair and synthetic is that human is natural where as synthetic is a man made alternative.


What are the benefits of synthetic and human hair … is one better than the other?

Both Human Hair and Synthetic have their advantages and disadvantages, Human Hair are more expensive than fibre. Human Hair fades in colour much faster than fibre due to oxidisation in sunlight,  where as fibre does not.


Advantages of having a custom made wig?

The advantage of having a custom made wig over a stock off the peg product, is that your custom made wig is made to a positive cast of your head. Much like a taylor would make a bespoke suit you custom made wigs can be made in any colour blend and to your exact size and contour.


Does my wig come ready styled?

Most stock Modacrylic wigs come pre-styled, Human hair wigs do not they are usually made in longer hair than is required to that desired style can be achieved during the cutting process.


Can I use product on my wig?

Yes you can most wigs come with after care instructions


Can I use heated curlers etc on my wig?

Yes you can if your wig is made from Human Hair, we do not recommend  the use of such items with Modacryllc  wigs


Can I have my wig cut and coloured?

a)      Most Stock  Modacrylic  wigs are prestyled in the required colour,

sometimes it maybe necessary for the stylist to trim the fringe during

fitting process.


b)      All l human hair wigs will need to be cut and styled. Due to the oxidization process it maybe necessary for your human hair wig to be re-coloured by a competent stylist from time to time.



How do I wash my wig?

With all wigs you should receive an after care information card this advises you an how to wash and look wig.



How secure will my wig be?

Your wig should be secure most stock wigs are made with adjustable straps to reduce or increase tightness of fit. All besposke wigs will be made to you actual size


How long will my wig last for?

The longevity of any wig can vary quite dramatically, it is very much dependent upon the individual wearer their lifestyle and in the way in which they look after their wig.,


How long can I wear my wig for?

We do not recommend sleeping in wigs, we understand that some people prefer to have semi permanent attachments and therefore can wear their wigs 24 hours a day in 6-8 week blocks.


Will it look natural?

Yes, if a wig has been chosen/designed correctly to compliment the wearers face shape and stature then a natural looking head of hair should always be achieved.


How do I make an appointment ?

Contact us directly and we can arrange for you to call in to our Stockport salon or alternatively we can arrange an  appointment for you with one of our national agents.


I am not sure what will suit me / what is the best option for me?

We always recommend that if at all possible you make an appointment and visit the salon so that you can try on a variety of styles to see which suits you best