Glitter Chunks Metallic AUGUSTUS GOLD


Info, FAQs & General How to


  • What is it made from?

All THOM Glitter Chunks in various colours, finishes etc are made from the same material PET Plastic. This material is considered cosmetic grade safe for use on the skin and is an SGS EU grade approved material. Please note that (Sandy, Seahorse and Pearl) are thicker cut and have a different finish and texture but are still made from the EU Grade approved PET Plastic Material.

  • Is it safe to be applied to your face & skin?

As stated above the Glitter Chunks are EU graded approved Cosmetic Glitter safe to use on the Hair, Body and Face. Chunky Glitter of any kind should NEVER be applied directly to the eye or too close around the eye area. Even though the glitter is a safe non-toxin material it is a chunky texture cut into various shapes which can be abrasive and cause irritation if they get into the eye. As with all cosmetics, we advise you to carry out a patch test (especially if applying with a skin safe adhesive) before application.  

  • What is the best method of Application & Removal?

Always apply the glitter with a skin safe gel, balm or cosmetic adhesive. Use (clean) fingertips or a flat brush to press the glitter onto the adhesive / body. Top Tip: Aloe vera or hair gel work best when creating a glitter parting!

To Remove use an oil based product – Top Tip: good old baby oil always does the trick. Alternatively, to remove from hair etc warm water soap/ shampoo will do the trick. Always sweep away from the eyes and do not scrub too hard.

Please remember, the shapes of the glitter can be abrasive so always apply & remove with care. Keep away from eyes.

  • Other Safety Information

Loose Glitter can be applied to Hair, Body and Face however please remember;

Must be applied with a cosmetic / skin safe adhesive, balm or gel.

Keep away from eyes, do not apply directly to the eye or too close around the eye area. If product comes in contact with the eye wash with water immediately, if irritation persists seek medical assistance.


Do not eat the glitter, we know it’s delicious but it isn’t edible.

Always remove glitter, do not sleep with the product on.

Remove carefully always sweep / wipe away from the eye.

Glitter should not be applied to anyone under the age of 12.

THOM cannot accept liability for any use other than advised. 

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