LipStix Lipstick Sealer H

Apply over your lipstick to keep lipstick on for hours and hours

LIPSTIX - Apply over your lipstick. Keeps lipstick on for hours and hours. Helps keep the colour from fading. It stops lipstick transfers on cups and glasses. And it helps prevent bleeding and feathering lipstick. (.5 oz. )

This product is brought to you by Mehron who has been a world leader in the development and production of makeup products for the entertainment industry for over 80 years. From early roots on Broadway in the 1920’s to worldwide distribution today, Mehron has brought innovative products to generations of celebrities and creative customers. Performers, productions and films artists such as the Black Eyed Peas, Pink, The Black Swan & Cirque du Soleil have all utilized Mehron’s fantastic products. Today Mehron maintains its leadership in the performance industry is the most sought out Halloween makeup in the world & are makeup sponsors for designers at New York & London Fashion Week. Makeup artists, celebrities, fashion designers and more are all buzzing about Mehron Makeup.

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