Ben Nye Mass Casualty Simulated Blood Powder

Unleash the power of realistic blood effects with Ben Nye Mass Casualty Blood Powder. This innovative product offers a versatile and convenient solution to traditional stage blood, allowing you to create vast amounts of lifelike blood on demand. Whether you're aiming for a slight graze or a gory scene, this powder has got you covered.

One 3oz./85g pot can astoundingly produce approximately 5l of blood when mixed with water. For extra detail, you can either mix with more or less water, depending on how thin or thick you want the blood to be. You can even substitute water with corn syrup, for a more profound, sticky effect!

After use, it can easily be washed from everyday fabrics and surfaces, although you should consider spot testing beforehand.


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How to use Simulated Blood Powder:

To achieve the best result from your Ben Nye Mass Casualty Simulated Blood Powder order, follow these tips below:

Combine the powder with water or corn syrup to achieve your desired blood consistency.
Apply using brushes, sponges, or even your fingertips.
For a dynamic blood splatter effect, apply the dry blood powder with a fan or SFX stipple brush. Then, spray or squirt water onto the powder for an instant, dramatic blood effect. This technique is perfect for real-time stage effects.


There are a number of reasons why you should use Ben Nye Mass Casualty Simulated Blood Powder, but here are some of our favourite reasons:

●       It is a versatile alternative to traditional stage blood.

●       Easily adjustable consistency: thin it down or make it thick.

●       Perfect for real-time effects, especially on stage.

●       Trusted by professionals in film, TV, and training simulations.

●       One pot offers a generous amount, ensuring you won't run out mid-scene.

Versatile Purposes:

Ben Nye Mass Casualty Blood Powder is perfect for a multitude of purposes, such as:

●       Halloween Spectacles

●       Special Effects Makeup

●       Educational Demonstrations

●       Theatrical Performances

●       Cosplay Transformations

About Ben Nye:

Ben Nye Makeup has been serving the needs of professional makeup artists globally for decades. With roots tracing back to the golden era of Hollywood, Ben Nye Sr, as the makeup director for 20th Century Fox, crafted looks for over 500 iconic films. Today, Ben Nye products are not just recognised but actively sought after worldwide. Renowned makeup artists, from film to fashion, trust and use these cruelty-free, vegan products daily, and we are proud to work beside them as part of our mission to contribute to helping the environment.

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