Mehron Experts

"My Clients always compliment the smell of Paradise Paint, it smells of tropical coconut. It is highly pigmented and very easy to blend from one colour to another, my favourite must have colours are: Mango (warm yellow), Dark Metallic Blue Azure, Wild Orchid (deep aubergine purple), Teal (more like turquoise to me, my favourite), black and white. Prisma Cakes are beautiful to use. Another quick and effective way to lay down a few colours at a time. I always get ohhhs and ahhhs demonstrate or painting at parties Prisma cakes. Practice makes perfect though. Use a wide flat brush for this. Mehron Precious Metal: Gold, and Silver are my favourite and it is a must for your kit. Use them with Mixing liquid to achieve the shiniest gold and silver you could possibly get out there in the make up world! Using to to cover the while body, or just to accent. Add mixing liquid a little at a time to the powder, stir slowly and gently. Delish! Mona Turnbull My two favourite Mehron products are the Paradise Makeup AQ™ Prisma BlendSet and the metalic powders with the mixing liquid. The prismas come in beautiful colour combinations, the powder has a gorgeous metalic shiny finish and the mixing liquid seals the powders and can bring any of the loose powders to life. I used these products to create the 3D effect in this picture. The Prisma allowed me to lay down many stripes of colours very quickly and as the colours are already preselected to compliment each other that makes life alot easier….Then I painted the metal frame on top with the Silver metalic powder which has great coverage and a beautiful shine…This made it very easy for me to create something colourful and three dimentional which was very exciting..Mehron products have great blending qualities as well so with some experimenting you always discover new and beautiful effects and techniques…That in combination with the beautiful coconut smell they have, really makes painting into endless fun." Nicole Aspradakis