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We are excited to announce the opening of The Treasure House Studio, based at the TH head quarters in Greater Manchester. 

Photo by Daryna Barykina

The specialised makeup suppliers are opening their doors to the public, professionals and aspiring artists, hosting workshops, master classes, product knowledge days and more.

TH Studio welcomes everyone and anyone who has a passion for makeup hosting affordable workshops that are informative and still fun. Held throughout the year the workshops will feature courses such as*;

  • SFX
  • Basic Introduction to Beauty
  • Beauty & Bridal
  • introduction to Body painting
  • Seasonal Workshops
  • Evening Makeup
  • Retro Makeup
  • Contouring Master class
  • Brand Days
  • Product Play days
  • And more ...

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FAQ’s & Top Tips

I Want To Be Run A Workshop At The Treasure House Studio

If you are interested in running a workshop, then please get in touch with the team to discuss the opportunities available

Is The Studio Space Available To Hire?

Yes! Please contact the team for more information

How Many Students Will Be In The Class?

The studio will hold a max of 16 people per session; keeping classes small & intimate allow the students to gain more from the experience. Students are able to get up close to the action and ask questions the fewer students mean more one on one time.

Is This A Solo Activity Or Can Groups Book?

It is completely up to you, you can come alone, with a partner or friends etc. It is worth mentioning that people will be asked to partner up and work 2 per station on each other etc, therefore we would recommend booking with a friend if you are nervous.

Do I Need To Be An MUA To Attend

No it is not a requirement that you have any prior experiences, the classes are open to professionals as well as enthusiasts. If any of the workshops are for higher level students it will be stated within the course details, otherwise all workshops will suit every ability. The only requirement is that students are aged 18 and above.

What Will I Gain From These Workshops Will I Get Any Qualifications

Students who complete TH Workshops or Master classes will receive a TH Certificate upon completion of their course. This certificate will be awarded by Treasure House and will list the course name, tutors and date of completion.

No academic diplomas or qualifications will be achieved but remember this is an industry were reputation and quality skills are far more valuable, some of the worlds renowned MUA’s are self taught.

What Will I Need

All you need to bring is yourself! Once in the class there will be brushes and tester products for you to play with. Furthermore some courses will require you to purchase a kit (these kits will be compulsory) and will be available on the day.



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