Ben Nye Alcohol-Activated FX Palette - Undead

Choose Ben Nye's Undead Palette to truly unleash your creativity. This five-colour assortment is tailored for crafting undead and monstrous effects. These alcohol-activated, waterproof shades ensure durability and realism, making them a must-have for any SFX activity.

Activate with 99% alcohol, apply with brushes or sponges, and enjoy long-lasting, sweat-proof results. Expect 10-20 applications per shade.


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Features of Ben Nye Alcohol-Activated FX Undead Palette:

This compact palette is your ticket to crafting the most hauntingly realistic corpse & zombie effects. Each of the five shades is specifically curated for deathly transformations, ensuring water and sweat-proof results that last.

In this palette, you will find the following features:

●       Intense Colours: Activate with IPA/Isopropyl Alcohol for vibrant, lasting hues.

●       Easy Application: Whether you're aiming for sheer or opaque effects, control is in your hands. The colour intensity is determined by the alcohol amount and activation time.

●       Professional Grade Quality: Trusted by industry professionals, this non-toxic formula is a staple for special effects makeup.

●       Seamless Finish: Apply in thin layers for a skin-deep appearance. For added texture, use the Mini Splatter Brushes to flick colours onto the skin.

How to Use Ben Nye Alcohol-Activated FX Palette - Undead:

To ensure a high-quality appliance and performance from your Ben Nye Undead FX Palette, consider the following tips:

●       Each product is 99% alcohol activated for each colour pigment.

●       With brushes or sponges, layer the colours for a realistic effect. For splatter effects, the Mini Splatter Brushes are your go-to tool.

●       Simply reactivate the colours with alcohol and wipe away. Ensure you're in a well-ventilated area during application and removal.

Ideal Purpose:

The Ben Nye Alcohol-Activated FX (Undead) Palette is suitable for a wide range of functions both on the screen and stage, and other purposes, including:

●       Film & TV Productions

●       Spooky Halloween Looks

●       Special Effects Makeup

●       Educational Demonstrations

More About Ben Nye:

Dedicated to serving makeup artists globally, Ben Nye Makeup has been a family-owned beacon of quality and inspiration. With roots tracing back to the golden era of Hollywood, Ben Nye products have graced the faces of stars in over 500 feature films. Today, their legacy continues as makeup artists and enthusiasts worldwide celebrate the brand's exceptional offerings.


We have ensured that our makeup products are crafted using cruelty-free, vegan materials. In this Ben Nye Alcohol-Activated FX Undead Palette, the product has been created using the following ingredients:


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